12 Module LCD Touch Switchboard

3.5 Inch Touchscreen LCD
7x Light Switches,1x 5-Speed step FAN Regulator
1x 30A Switch for AC or Large Appliance
Silent Operation, Solid state electronics
Memory restore after power loss.
Sleep mode turns off LCD at Night time
10 Picture screen saver,Online weather updates
Automation with Home assistant software
1 Year warranty

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  • 3.5 Inch LCD Touchscreen Smart Switchboard.
  • Can be installed into “12 Module Standard Metal box” in the wall, completely replaces existing switchboard if already there.
  • 100% Silent operation using Solid State switching electronics.
  • Inbuilt 7 Switches to control Lighting and one 5-Speed Step fan regulator.
  • One Additional 30A Switch for Large Appliances like AC
  • Pictorial representation of switches to show type of lights such as general false ceiling lights, spot lights and decoration lights. Optional customization to match exact interior light design of homes.
  • Can control remotely floor level Socket switchboard in the hall or bedside for a corner light or bed light along with 2 sockets , using external module HPA1040*.
  • Sleep mode to turn off the LCD completely at night times.
  • Last state memory against power loss, switches and fan will be on after power comes back
  • Fetches current and forecast weather information using external weather service, displays current weather condition and temperature in your area.
  • Settings option for first time Wireless setup of the device to get connected to internet or home Wi-Fi. More information on using the touch screen check User Manual.
  • Can store 10 Pictures of your choice of 480×320 resolution, that will show as screensaver when Switchboard is not in use. New images can be uploaded using Home Gateway System.
  • Easy Plug and Play operation with Home Assistant, home automation software with automatic discovery.
  • General application is for Hall and Bedrooms.

* Requires Home Gateway System for WiFi control of switches/ Home Automation. Only one gateway is required for entire home control with up to 25 devices.
* Internal Fan regulator supports general fans and does not support BLDC Fans.


Voltage Range: 160V-240V AC(50/60Hz)
Total Smart Switches: 8
7x  Solid State Switches
Max Wattage per Switch: 80W
1x 30A Switch
1x 5-Speed Step Fan Regulator
Max Fan wattage: 120W
Max current: 2.5A
Independent 30A Lug Terminal
Standby Power consumption: 0.7W LCD Off
MAX Power Consumpsion:2.0W

Type: 12 Module Switchbox Standard
Enclosure Material: ABS Plastic
Wireless Standard: 802.11/b/g/n
Operating Temperature:5C-40C