WiFi Smart motion sensor

WiFi Smart PIR Motion sensor

Internal 80W silent solid state switch for sensor lighting

Plug & Play with Home Assistant automation software

Works together with other Mareechi switches, that can be turned on with any Motion sensor detection.

1 Year warranty

  • M.R.P   Rs.2555   Rs.1500  Introductory Offer



  • Smart PIR Motion sensor, with WiFi connectivity
  • Automated sensor lighting with Home automation
  • One builtin solid state switch, silent operation.
  • Works in standalone and automation mode.
  • Standalone mode , no other equipment is necessary and , time delay (Switch turn on time) can be set from 1 to 30min.
  • Automation mode, home automation software can determine how to react based on day, night time, or while being home or away from home.
  • Acts as security alarm when Away from home.
  • In automation mode, can operate lighting or other smart switches throughout the home irrespective of location of the sensor, example when motion is detected as exit from any floor of the house, all the external lighting can be brightened for a certain time.
  • General application is for each and every room in the house at the door entry to operate a sensor light, as well as Kitchen or Bedroom balcony.
  • Saves energy and improves life of bulbs by turning off some part of lighting when motion is not detected.
  • Compatible with external 5v power supply

* Requires Home Gateway System for WiFi control of switches/ Home Automation. Only one gateway is required for entire home control with up to 25 devices. This product does not need gateway system while operating in Standalone mode.


Voltage Range: 160V-240V AC(50/60Hz)
Sensor detection range:3-6M @25C Ambient
Detection Angle: 110 degrees
Working environment: Indoor
Inbuilt Wireless Switches: 1
Solid State Switches: L1
Max Power: 80W
Max Current: 0.75A
Wireless Standard:802.11 /b/g/n
Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Standby power consumption: 0.7W
Max Power Consumption: 1.2W
Enclosure Material: ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature: 0C-40C
Standalone mode:Yes

Wiring Diagram

User Manaul

HPA8031     User Manual V1.0