Parking lighting system

Sample 4+1 Lane parking lighting system package
1 Main lane and 4 sub lanes, total of 80 to 100 car capacity.
Up to 3000W Switching capacity

1×16 Module Smart switch control board (5A each)
4x WiFi routers
1x 8 Port network switch
7x Smart motion sensors
1x Remote Courtesy manual button
1x Home Gateway system*
1x 4g Router for internet and remote access*.
1 Year warranty and on site support.

M.R.P Rs.64500 including installation charges.

*Only one gateway system needed for multiple lots.


Operation and Placement of things:

4x WiFi routers are placed such that each parking lane has better coverage including areas like Elevator and Entry points.
Motion sensors are placed, one at Elevator lobby, one at Vehicle entry point, rest 5 at each lane.
Each Lane sensor is mounted facing vehicle entry into the lane and can have coverage of maximum of 30 feet.
16 module control board is placed beside the regular existing manual switchboard, this is wired in parallel so that, if required manual operation is still possible
Remote courtesy button is a wifi button , and it can turn on 100% lighting on request, placed at elevator lobby.
Home gateway system has all the automation settings as to how to operate lighting based on sensor activation and time of the day.

Method of savings:

The way lighting system is operated is based on amount of lighting that is available at parking lot at different times by controlling which lights to be on and which to be off, using 16 switch module with 5 lanes, each lane with 3 groups of lights, this can support 0,33%,66%,100% level of lighting.
When there is no activity 33% can be maintained, when there is prolonged no activity all the lights can be turned off to zero level, when there is activity in a specific lane, only that lane can be turned up to 100%. Even running at 33% of lighting can mean that, it can save 66% of energy in a given 12hr period of no activity in a day. The system can pay itself typically within 1 year or maximum of 18 months.