Home Gateway System

  • Micro computer running opensource Home Assistant automation software
  • Standalone device, runs without cloud or internet
  • Mobile and web interface to control all your devices.
  • Runs schedules, sensor lights etc..
  • Can control other vendor automation products,  Compatibility List
  • 100% privacy

M.R.P   Rs.5555


  • Single board micro computer pre-loaded with standalone Home Assistant open source Automation software
  • Enables control of all the Mareechi devices using mobile or laptop, being home or away
  • Standalone system, works without internet and any cloud services for complete privacy* and so immune to internet or cloud service downtime
  • Automation rules can be made for day to day activities, scheduled/automated lighting or control of switches or actions based on activity on sensors
  • Builtin Home security Alarm system using motion sensors, door sensors
  • All the Mareechi devices are automatically discovered by Home Assistant after configuring WiFi
  • First time setup is provided by our engineers for customers purchasing Home packages, also easy to work in the future to extend functions or automation on your own.
  • Requires internet connectivity for external control while away from home or integration with devices like google home, alexa etc. A private encrypted tunnel over public internet, will be provided with each device for 10 years for this purpose. Works behind any router and does not require special configuration.