8Module LCD Touch Switchboard V2

3.5 Inch Touchscreen LCD Switchboard
8 Light Switches, Silent Operation, Solid state electronics
Sleep mode turns off LCD
Memory restore after power loss.
10 Picture screen saver
Online weather updates
Automation with Home assistant software
1 Year warranty

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  • Can be installed into 6 or 8 Module Standard Metal box in the wall or completely replaces existing standard switchboard.
  • 3.5 Inch LCD Touchscreen Smart Switchboard.
  • 100% Silent on/off operation using Solid State switching electronics.
  • Inbuilt 8 Switches to control Lighting.
  • Pictorial representation of switches to show type of lights such as general false ceiling lights, spot lights and decoration lights. Optional customization to match exact interior light design of homes.
  • Can control remotely floor level Socket switchboard in the hall or bedside for a corner light or bed light along with 2 sockets using external module HPA1040.
  • Sleep mode to turn off the LCD completely at night times.
  • Last state memory against power loss, switches will be on after power comes back
  • Fetches current and forecast weather information using external weather service, displays current weather condition and temperature in your area.
  • Can store 10 Images of your choice of 480×320 resolution, that will show as screensaver when Switchboard is not in use. New images can be uploaded using Home Gateway System.
  • Settings option for first time Wireless setup of the device to get connected to internet or home WiFi. More information on how to use the screen, check User Manual.
  • Easy Plug and Play operation with Home Assistant, home automation software with automatic discovery.
  • General application is for Hall and Kitchen.

* Requires Home Gateway System for WiFi control of switches/ Home Automation. Only one gateway is required for entire home control with up to 25 devices.


Voltage Range: 160V-240V AC(50/60Hz)
Total Smart Switches: 8
All Solid State Switches
Max Wattage per Switch: 80W
5-Speed Fan Regulator: 0
Max Fan wattage: 120W
Max current: 2.5A
Standby Power consumption: 0.7W LCD Off
MAX Power Consumpsion:2.0W

Type:6/8 Module Horizontal
Enclosure Material: ABS Plastic
Wireless Standard: 802.11/b/g/n
Operating Temperature:5C-40C

Wiring Diagram